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ADHD Forms

ADHD Forms (please note that we require return of all forms BEFORE we will schedule your appointment).  Questionnaires must be returned prior to your appointment to avoid rescheduling your appointment

For Routine Every 4-6 month follow up, login to your portal for the CHADIS (inside the Milestones Tile):

For New Evaluations (Initial Evaluation):

  • First Login to your portal for the CHADIS button (inside the Milestones Tile).  Then complete one of the Parent and one of the School (done by the teacher) for the following:
  • ADHD New Evaluation Forms:
    • Parent Packet A Handwritten – Print this form to hand fill in for a NEW evaluation (If you prefer to hand write) OR
    • Parent Packet A E-Form – Fill out this form on your computer  and then save (If you prefer to type in answers and email.  Email to: for a NEW evaluation
    • School Packet B Handwritten – Print this form to give your child’s teacher to hand fill in for a NEW evaluation OR
    • School Packet B E-Form – Send this link to your child’s teacher to fill out on the computer and then send to

Other ADHD Forms: Use these forms ONLY if requested by your doctor or our staff:

  • ADHD Parent Handbook – this is a description of ADHD, how it changes with age, resources, books, and website.   One of the most reputable web sites is