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October 14, 2019

Flu Vaccine Update

Last updated for 2019-2020 Flu Season:


We have Flu Mist nurse visits for VFC* ONLY at this time: but a limited number per day based on patient safety and staffing We have Flu Shot nurse visits

Allergies are a part of our lives.  If you have not previously started your preventive medication (e.g. Fluticasone nasal spray, Zaditor Eye Drops); this would be a good time to start them.   Here in the northeast, we have 3 pollen …

Let’s start with a definition of fever:

Your child has a fever if:

Rectal, Ear or Forehead temperature: 100.4° F (38.0° C) or higher Oral or Mouth temperature: 100° F (37.8° C) or higher Under the arm (Armpit) temperature: 99°…