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Questions about this section?  Need to email forms to us?  Send them to bkoehler(at)fourseasonspediatrics(dot)com!

Please fill out forms before your visit (save time and make your visit hassle free).   Find the appropriate form, fill them out on your computer and print them out. They can be faxed (518-383-3255), mailed or turned in at the time of your appointment.

The following forms are in PDF format.  You can print them first and then fill them out on paper.  Please remember that some of these forms require your signature in pen and a digital or typed signature is not accepted.

Registration Forms –
For New Patients:
Administration Forms

We require you to bring your current insurance card and photo ID to each visit to our office.  These rules were enacted to prevent identity theft and are for your protection.


Well Visit Forms -

The vaccine information statements can now be viewed online before your appointment.  GO GREEN AND REVIEW TO SAVE PAPER.

Physical Exam Question Sheets

Wellness Times (Informational handouts given at physical exams)

Special Forms:

Flu Vaccine Screening Forms: Fill out these forms if you are coming in for a flu vaccine.  One form for each person vaccinated:

ADHD Forms (please note that we require return of these forms BEFORE we will schedule your appointment)

For Routine Every 6 month follow up, fill out this form:

AND ONE of these (if not an Adolescent). Please do not have multiple teachers fill out forms – if there is more than one teacher to give input, kindly ask them to jointly fill out the forms:

  • ADHD School Fall Feedback Form – Parents can email this form to the school teacher.  This form is used for teachers who are new to your child (typically in the fall).  Once completed mail back to us (or drop off BEFORE your appointment).
  • ADHD School Spring Feedback Form – Parents can email or mail this form to the school teacher.  This form is used for teachers who have rated your child before (typically in the spring).  Once completed mail back to us (or drop off BEFORE your appointment).

OR this form if an Adolescent:

  • ADHD Adolescent Self Form – Adolescents (typically in High School) may find it difficult to find teacher feedback.  Instead they can choose to rate themselves.  Once completed mail back to us (or drop off BEFORE your appointment).  If age 18 or older, stop by the office to pick up the Adult Self Assessment Form

For New Evaluations (Initial Evaluation):

  • ADHD New Evaluation Forms:
    • Parent Packet A – this form is for parents to fill out for a NEW evaluation
    • School Packet B – this form is for your child’s teacher to fill out for a NEW evaluation
    • ADHD New Medication Evaluation Form – this form is ONLY used when your child is FIRST started on a medication (Usually for the first month of starting a new medication) and allows a weekly evaluation of medication by the parent and the teacher.
  • ADHD Parent Handbook – this is a description of ADHD, how it changes with age, resources, books, and website.   One of the most reputable web sites is

Adobe Reader (or Acrobat) is required to view these pdf forms. Click here to download Adobe Reader for free.