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Ticks are Here

It is that time of year again.    Remember to do a quick check for Ticks whenever your child has been outside for the day.  Removal of Tick’s the same day is YOUR BEST PROTECTION from Lyme Disease.  Even an infected Tick requires at least 36 hours of attachment to transmit Lyme Disease.    Please follow these guidelines:

  • Use a repellant when going outside
  • Perform a Tick check at the end of each day – if you find a tick, sit down, relax and pull the tick gently to tent the skin.  Just wait until the Tick releases.  Do not pull too hard, or the Tick may break.  If it does, this is ok, as it will work itself out
  • Tick’s do not need to be saved or tested, it is not part of current recommendations
  • You should be aware of the signs of Lyme Disease

The first sign is a red rash at the site of the Tick bite.  It generally occurs within 1-2 weeks and is a red spot with concentric red rings surrounding it (the Bull’s Eye Rash).  Along with the rash, a person may experience flu-like symptoms such as swollen lymph nodes, fatigue, headache, and muscle aches.

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