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To save time at your visit, we strongly encourage all patients to print and bring their filled-out forms to the appointment.

You mail email any forms to: You may fax the form to us at 518-383-3255 if that works best.

Please note that all forms that require a signature must be hand signed, we will not accept a typed or digital signature.

Flu Vaccine Screening Form Link -Please complete prior to arrival.

Registration Forms (this includes most of the items below, so you can print the entire set at one time)

Well Visit Forms click link below:

ADHD Forms click below:

  • ADHD Forms — New Evaluation – click to do a new evaluation
  • ADHD Follow up Appointments – we no longer post these forms. Please login to your Web Portal to see if your questionnaires have been posted, or call to request questionnaires if you are due and they are not on the portal.
  • ADHD Coordinators have been trained to assist you with appointments. The Coordinator for all providers is Marcella. She will be able to assist you with:
    • Portal Login and finding the Questionnaires
    • Assigning Questionnaires if you do not have any in your portal
    • Ensuring that your questionnaires are completed BEFORE your appointment
    • Assisting with connectivity on the day of your appointment, found on the home page or click here.
  • Please note – we need questionnaires completed to properly evaluate, manage and recommend treatment. As of 3/27/23, if questionnaires are not filled out BEFORE your appointment, we will need to cancel your appointment. These forms will be available through your web portal account by clicking here. Please fill these out as soon as possible to give the doctor more time to review them. Thank you.
  • Once you have logged into your portal account and clicked CHADIS if there is a teacher questionnaire, click here to learn how to INVITE A TEACHER. It only has to be done once for a new teacher.
  • Once you have logged into your portal account and clicked CHADIS if there is a patient or teen questionnaire, click here to learn how to INVITE YOUR TEEN to answer questionnaires. It only has to be done once.

Consent and Record Release forms: You mail email (by scanning or taking a photo with your phone) any forms to: or fax to the number listed above.

Other Forms:

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