Four Seasons Pediatrics

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Expectant Parents

You are expecting and have questions.  First time parents are our specialty.   We recommend that you schedule a “Meet the Doctor” consultation to view our offices, meet our staff and discuss any questions or concerns that you may have with our physicians.  Our “Meet the Doctor” consultations are offered by appointment in our office. 

Once you have chosen us as pediatrician – no need to contact our office. Simply inform the hospital prior to delivery that you have selected Four Seasons Pediatrics.  You will be cared for by a Hospital Pediatrician or a Neonatologist (a pediatrician who only sees newborns and high risk newborns in the hospital or NICU).  We encourage you to schedule an appointment in our office within 2-3 days of discharge from the hospital.   

FAQ’s for Expectant Parents

When will my child be seen in the hospital?

Your baby will be seen early in the morning after the delivery by the Hospitalist Pediatrician or Neonatologist. 


Are the Pediatricians Board Certified?

All the pediatricians of Four Seasons Pediatrics are Board Certified by the American Board of Pediatrics.  In addition our office is certified NCQA as part of the New York State Medical Home


What happens when the office is closed for Holidays and Weekends?

Four Seasons Pediatrics is on call for approximately 50% of weekends and holidays.  The other weekends and holidays are covered by our cross covering pediatricians.  If the office is closed and you would like to be seen, please call early (around 7:30 am).  Although we do not have set office hours, we (or the doctor covering for us) will determine if your needs can be met by meeting you in our office for an urgent type appointment.  Please note that if we do meet parents at the office it is only one time per day when the office is closed.


Are there any books I should consider having?

We recommend “Your Child’s Health” by Barton Schmidt, MD.  There are many excellent books available.  The reason we recommend this one, is that it is most consistent with our advice.  We also recommend the companion smart phone app called KidsDoc – available through the Apple App Store or Android Store. 


How long do I have to wait in the office?

Your time is valuable.  We design our office flow to minimize your wait, but maximize your contact with your nurse and doctor.  Please note that all our registration forms are available on line.  In addition, the form for each check up is available as well.  This means that you can save time in the office by filling them out and then printing them a day or two before your appointment.  In general, our office runs on time.