Four Seasons Pediatrics

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Ahmed Razeq, MD

Dr. Razeq is of Palestinian heritage and has lived in many places across the US. His home before medical school was the Alamo city, San Antonio, Texas. He graduated from St. George’s University school of medicine in Grenada in the West Indes; a large program that accepts US and foreign students from around the world and trains them with cultural understanding and empathy in mind. His Pediatric residency was completed at The Children’s Hospital of San Antonio in San Antonio, Texas. He believes in nurturing independence and healthy children with a focuses on preventative care. Dr. Razeq’s interests lie in genetics and predisposition including and related to disorders such as global developmental delays, intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, congenital malformations, heritable cancer syndromes, and other familial and inheritable disorders. He lives with his wife, daughter, and dog (Cloud).