Four Seasons Pediatrics

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Office Information

Our practice is located at the following address:

532 Moe Road
Clifton Park, NY 12065

Phone: (518)383-2425   Fax: (518)383-3255


Please take note that we want you to have the opportunity to see a Pediatrician every day.  We offer extended hours beyond the 9-4 hours that many pediatric offices offer:

  • We are open with appointments starting at 8:15 am
  • Our last well visit appointment is at 4:45 pm and last sick visit appointment is at 5 pm
  • On Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s we offer evening appointments until 6:30 pm for routine well visits
  • Saturday’s, Sunday’s and Holidays we offer appointments in the morning. Call at 8 am and the on-call doctor will book an appointment in the morning to see you.


Please take note that we participate in many different insurance plans and it is very difficult to know specific details for each plan. It would be very helpful to both you and our office staff if you review your policy to know what specialist and emergency care are covered by your insurance.  Some insurance plans do not allow retroactive approval for these visits. If a situation arises that you feel is an emergency, go immediately to the emergency room at the nearest hospital. Please then call our office to let us know of the event and to fulfill the requirements of the insurance company for payment.  If you do not have an emergency, please call the doctor on call before going to urgent visit or the emergency room.  We will do our best to see you in our office when possible.

If the situation is not severe and arises while the office is closed, telephone our office and the answering service will forward your message to the doctor on-call. You will receive a response as quickly as possible. If no one gets back to you within 30 minutes please call again.


The doctors and staff are available for questions you may have concerning your health care problems. Our staff is trained to answer most questions. If your telephone call requires that the doctor speak with you, please give the appropriate information to the nurse.  Our nurses can quickly triage the concerns you have and get back to you in a time frame that is best for the situation.


Forms completed during a check-up:

Four Seasons Pediatrics has developed computer generated forms.   These forms are developed from state requirements and meet the demands for almost all situations.  Forms generated from our system at the time of your child’s preventive exam will be given on request free of charge.  You will be given one copy.  Additional copies or requests for forms at times other than while you are in the office during your child’s check up; will be charged a fee of $5 per page if picked up.  Forms for siblings will also be charged this fee, unless they are requested at the time of their separate preventive exam.  School forms require an annual exam done within 12 months of the request.

Forms completed during a sick visit:

Forms will be filled out at no charge if they are related to the sick visit (e.g. note to return to daycare/school/work, note to administer medication related to a sick visit) and they are requested at the time of the visit.   Additional copies or a request for a form not done while you are in the office at the time of the visit will be subject to a fee of $5 per page if picked up, $1 additional if mailed to your home.

Custom Forms:

While our computer-generated forms will be applicable for almost all school forms and daycare forms, there are some schools and daycares that require their own custom forms to be filled out.  The fee for custom forms is $5 per page.  This fee applies for custom forms done at any time whether done at a check up or not.

Turn Around Time:

Although we usually accomplish these in a shorter time frame, please allow a turn around time of up to 2 business days for forms.  Please understand that at certain times of the year we receive hundreds of forms in one week.  Our nurse, PA and/or physician must carefully review each of these forms before it is released.  Please note that we do not fill out forms at the time of a sick visit, except as noted above.

Effective September 2013, forms requested same day or emergent (within 24 hours) will be assessed an additional $5.00 charge in addition to the form cost for processing.

Form Release (3rd Party Release):

Forms will be held here for parents to pick up.  Because of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations, forms will be released to parents or others on signed consent only.  We will mail forms to the home address on file at your request.  We will not email or fax forms without a signed consent to release to a 3rd party entity or location.

Examples of fees (including but not limited to):

$5 per PAGE – College, FMLA, Boy Scout, Adoption, ect.

$5 per FORM – Four Seasons generated physical exam forms, daycare forms, allergy or medication forms


We see all patients on an appointment basis only, and ask that you call in advance so that we may reserve the time for you. When bringing in one child for an appointment and you then decide another child needs to be seen, we will do everything we can to accommodate that request, but we ask that you call us before your arrival to request that the other child be seen. We try to see all patients on time, and request that you extend the same courtesy to us.

If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment, please notify us immediately. We request 24 hours notice so that this time may be given to another patient.

IF YOU ARE A NEW PATIENT TO OUR OFFICE, failure to appear for your first appointment with us will result in cancellation of all appointments and you will be asked to find another physician to see your children for medical care.


Please request referrals through our patient portal.  While many insurances no longer require referrals, we think it is best to let us help you coordinate your care.  We will send records and help communicate with the referring office.