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Post Holiday Testing and Results

We continue to monitor our positive rates.  As stated previously, our rapid testing can indicate trends before reported to the state.  

Here are the most recent rates from our office:

Our 14 day positivity rate has gone UP from 6.67% to 14.13%

Our 7 day positivity rate has gone UP from 8.51% to 18.95%

The 7 day Saratoga County positivity rate is 8.96%

How Should We React? 

We anticipate that rates will continue to rise over the Holiday break.  Saratoga County rates lag behind our rates as they continue to collect results over the coming days. The Capital Region has the lowest number of ICU beds available in the state.  This may lead to a more significant lockdown. 

Four Seasons Pediatrics Testing 

We continue to offer Molecular/PCR testing.   We have taken portal requests for testing and will continue to do so until rates decline. Portal requests help us handle the volume of requests that come in when we open. If you request testing through your portal account, please copy and paste the information below and fill in each field.  Please note – we will have limited testing availability on Wednesday 12/30 and Thursday 12/31.  The office will close on Thursday 12/31 at Noon.   

Phone calls for Saturday 1/2 and Sunday 1/3. If you have a need to reach the doctor on call, PLEASE call between 7 am and no later than 9 am. Any calls that come in after 9 am will not be returned until after the office closes. The doctor will be unable to return these calls once patients are being seen. As noted in the previous newsletter, we will have extra testing capacity on Saturday and Sunday morning 1/2 and 1/3.   These will be offered starting at Noon the day before the appointment (e.g. the afternoon of 1/1 for an appointment on 1/2) through the web portal as noted below.    

Appointment Request through your Portal Account

Please copy and paste the fields and fill in information:

Symptoms and when started (e.g. runny nose starting 12/28): 

Date symptoms started: Fever (100.4 or higher – if yes how high and how measured):  

Close contact (defined as within 6 feet of someone positive with COVID for 15″) (Y/N): 

Traveled within the last 14 days? (Y/N): 

Phone number of the person who will bring patient: 

Car Make and Color (that will come for appointment): 

School or Daycare that patient attends: 

Any change in Medications/Allergies/Medical History/Surgeries or Hospitalizations since last being here? (Y/N): 

Well Visits: 

We will continue to offer well visits.  To protect our patients and our staff, please cancel your well visit IF:

• Anyone coming for the appointment has any symptoms

• Anyone in the home is awaiting testing results

• Anyone in your home is in quarantine

• You have traveled outside the area in the last 14 days

COVID-19 Vaccine Status 

We will continue to monitor studies in children.   We feel that the vaccine is safe and effective in adults.  Allergic reactions can occur in any vaccine.  They are treatable in a doctors office.  As we continue to see a record number of bad outcomes from the virus, the vaccine is the solution to move us out of this pandemic.   We have recommended that our staff receive the vaccine when it is offered to us.  

Four Seasons Pediatrics wishes you a safe, and Happy New Year where we can see the pandemic in the rear view mirror.

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