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Flu Mist is Back

Flu Mist has not been offered by Four Seasons Pediatrics for the 2016 and 2017 seasons.  It was discovered that the vaccine was not effective against one of the four strains (Flu A H1N1) in the vaccine (It contains two Flu A strains and two Flu B strains).  Prior to this, the vaccine showed better protection than the shot on mismatched years (when the strain in the community was not contained in the vaccine).  We were all surprised when we learned of the reduced protection.

Over the past two years the manufacturer has been working on a solution.  The company has demonstrated that they have corrected the immune response to the vaccine (protection as determined by antibody titers).  We have not seen it given to a large group to make sure that these antibody titers lead to protection for the flu season.  As a result, we will carry the Flu Mist for those who want it, but are preferring the shot over the nasal spray this year.  If the idea of getting a shot leads you to avoid getting vaccinated, we would recommend the Flu Mist rather than no vaccine.  The Flu Mist can be given to any child age 2 years and up.  Like other years, we do offer flu vaccinations on a same day basis and do not pre-book these.  Again – this is to ensure that we have both staffing and vaccine available on the day that you call.  Please fill out the flu vaccine screening questionnaire by clicking here, print and bring with you.  It will make for a quick visit in the office.

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