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COVID-19 Update 3/29/20

March 29, 2020 3:45 PM

Visits to the Office:

The American Academy of Pediatrics, and the CDC are recommending that you not cancel your well visit if our office has proper safeguards in place (which we have). If you are coming in for a well visit please observe the following: Please cancel your well visit if you, your child, or anyone coming with you is sick with fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat or any other symptom that indicates someone with you is starting an illness. We ask you observe this approach to protect other patients as well as the receptionists, nurses, and providers. At the end of your well visit, do not check out at the front desk. All forms, handouts and visit summaries will be delivered to the room you are in. Although we usually have parents of children age 13 and up stay in the waiting room, that is not the case at the present time. All parents should stay in the room with their child, regardless of age. If you do not need any forms and want to get your visit summary through the web portal, please let your provider know that you will get the summary from the portal.

Sick Visits:

Our staff has been trained to determine which visits can be scheduled as a Tele-Visit. We will schedule these type of appointments when appropriate.
If you are doing a Tele-Visit, please click the Web Portal link on the top left of our home page. If you are physically coming to the office for a sick visit, please arrive 5-10 minutes early. Please stay in your car and call the office for masks before entering the office. We have two types of masks available. Please let us know how many people are age 10 and up and how many are under 10 years. We will bring masks out to your car. Please wear the mask throughout the visit and discard them when you get home. After your sick visit, you will be discharged from the room directly, and will not stop at the window. If you want to get your visit summary from the web portal, let your provider know at the end of the visit.

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