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Alarming Increase in COVID Cases

Four Seasons Pediatrics is one of just a few practices that has been offering onsite patient testing.  We are also the only practice (that we are aware of) that is conducting onsite real time rapid PCR testing (the accurate test and not an antigen test). 

We are seeing an alarming increase in cases for students.  Up until recently the test positivity rate was 0.8% in our testing and has been 1/2 of the community rate for Saratoga County.  We want to make you aware of our most recent numbers.  We look at results in real time, while the County looks at all tests, the vast majority coming from State testing, County testing and Commercial labs. 

We have said all along that children get the infection less often than adults.  Here are the most recent rates from our office:

Our 14 day positivity rate has gone up to 3.52%.

Our 7 day positivity rate has gone up to 4.55%

The reporting labs are having higher volume and taking longer to report, thus there is a significant lag in the community rates.  There is also more parent “Corona Fatigue” about this pandemic.  A common theme we see – parent had an exposure, then gets symptoms, then gets tested.  Test is pending, their child gets symptoms and is positive.  In almost all cases, the child who is positive, has mild symptoms.   

How Should We React? 

The schools (and Shen in particular) have done an outstanding job in screening, identifying and isolating cases.  We want to support their efforts in keeping schools open.  Almost all children learn more in person than virtually.   Shenendehowa School District has not seen spread of infection from within the school, further supporting the safety of In-Person Learning.   

We recommend the following approach over the next 6 weeks and beyond if necessary: 

Please do not send your child to school if someone in your home is being testing at this time.  This will reduce students from further significant exposure. 

If your child, or anyone in the home as ANY COVID-19 symptoms, get them tested as soon as possible and keep them home until results return.  We are noticing some parents wait until Monday morning when symptoms have gone on for a few days.  The more lead time – can lead to better contact tracing and identifying more cases.  Do not be embarrassed by this process, it is to help the community.   

Thank you for your help.   

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