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ADHD and Mental Health

ADHD Medication Shortage

For those with ADHD, most of you are aware of the ADHD medication shortage.  This shortage has been going on for months.   During the pandemic, more and more children and adults have sought a diagnosis and treatment for ADHD.  This has resulted in shortages, first of Adderall and its generic forms and now with almost every other medication in the class of methylphenidate (both generics and brand names of Concerta, Ritalin and Metadate).  Frustrated adults and parents of children have sought out changing medication in an attempt to get any treatment.  This has resulted in a shortage of most other medications.  What can you do? Call your pharmacy a week before you are going to run out and ask if they have your medication in stock.  If so, send us a request through your portal and let us know that they have the medication now, and to send the prescription.  The prescription is valid for 30 days, so it can be sent early, but pick up may have to be closer to the date of your last prescription.  If they do not have it, we recommend that you call other pharmacies to locate it and then have us send it to that pharmacy.  We have seen very frustrated parents send a prescription to different pharmacies only to find out that they are out.  Check with your pharmacy plan and see if you can do mail order.  In some cases, you may find this to be an option that is more predictable.  

Four Seasons Pediatrics Starting to use Mental Health Coordinators

Post pandemic, we have seen a mountain of issues related to Mental Health.   We have implemented a model designed to improve care, developed in other pediatric practices.  We now have two Mental Health/ADHD Coordinators.  

They are:

Michaela Capra for: Dr. Elmer/Dr. Melissa/Dr. O’Connor
Marcella Capra for: Dr. Miller/ Dr. Lange/ Dr. Ashley

Our Mental Health/ADHD Coordinators have been trained to assist you with appointments. Your Coordinator will be able to assist you with: 

• Portal Login and finding the Questionnaires

• Assigning Questionnaires if you do not have any in your portal

• Ensuring that your questionnaires are completed BEFORE your appointment

• Assisting with connectivity on the day of your appointment, found on the home page or click here.

Going forward, questionnaires will appear on your portal 14 days before your appointment date.  We ask that you complete these as soon as possible.  If they are not completed by the following timeline, we will need to reschedule your appointment:

• ADHD Questionnaires – 7 days before your appointment

• Mental Health Appointments – 1 day before your appointment

Filling these out are essential to your appointment evaluation and treatment plan.  The sooner they are completed, the better your provider is prepared to evaluate and recommend treatment options.  

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