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Flu Vaccines

Last updated for 2022-2023 Flu Season:


We have the following vaccines. See below for more information about flu vaccine clinics:

  • Flu Shots for those ages 6 months and up with Commercial Insurance

We do not have the following vaccines:

  • Flu Mist Vaccine for those age 2 years and up with Commercial Insurance
  • Flu Shots for those ages 6 months and up with the Free Vaccine Program (VFC*)
  • Flu Mist Vaccine for those age 2 years and up with the Free Vaccine Program (VFC*)

If you have a well visit, you will be able to get your flu vaccine. You MAY bring siblings at the same time but please add them to the schedule by sending a web portal message or be sure to add at check in.

If you have a well visit and would like to get the Flu Vaccine during your well visit, fill out the Influenza Screening Form below (it will save you time in the office)

Please note that it will save time in the office if you print out and answer the Flu Screening Form – Click Below

We again have the Flu Mist this year.  The CDC and the AAP have issued recommendations that either vaccine is acceptable.


Please remember that if your child is receiving their first flu vaccine, (or only had one vaccine previously) and they are under 9 years; you will require 2 doses for best protection (minimum 28 days between doses).  For those patients who have physicals scheduled, we will offer Flu Vaccine during your appointment – please fill out the screening questionnaire. In most cases, there is not a copay.

*Refers to VFC or Vaccine for Children program for patients with Medicaid, Child Health Plus or with no insurance (e.g. Fidelis, CDPHP Medicaid, CDPHP Child Health Plus, MVP Medicaid).

Links to Vaccine Information Statements for Influenza Vaccines:

Frequently Asked Questions:

What about timing of the vaccine? When is the best time to get the vaccine?

We are following the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics which states:

“administration of influenza vaccine should not be delayed to a later date because this increases the likelihood of missing influenza vaccination altogether”

Which vaccine is preferred for my child with Asthma?  What about Egg Allergy?

The flu shot is the preferred vaccine according to the ACIP (from the CDC).  Although the Flu Mist appears to offer better protection for children with asthma, there is ongoing monitoring for how the Flu Mist may trigger asthma (similar to a cold or virus).  Either vaccine is safe and effective for those with Egg Allergy.

What can I anticipate for the supply of Seasonal Flu Vaccine?

While every year brings challenges, it appears that this years supply will meet our patients needs. While there may be issues outside of our control, we will do our very best to obtain vaccine that meets our patients needs.

Do I need the vaccine this year, if I had last years flu vaccine?

Last years vaccine will not provide protection for this years influenza illness.   Therefore, we do recommend a dose of this years vaccine as well

What about the number of vaccinations?

Young children < 9 years will require 2 doses of the vaccine if this is your first year for the vaccine.  The interval between doses is 28 days.

(commercial AND VFC*)

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