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Using our Web Portal

Four Seasons Pediatrics is pleased to announce that 29% of our patients are already web enabled.   Our goal is to enable at least 75% of our patients.  If you have not been web enabled, our office staff can enable you at your next office visit.  You will need a username and password for each child.  Once enabled, you will find the login link on our home page.  We invite you to login as soon as you have some free time.  Check out your Personal Health Record (also known as a PHR), which will give you a summary of your care.  This can be printed and taken with you when you travel, go to an Urgent Care Center, Emergency Room or any Consulting Physicians.  

Please complete a review of your electronic health record.  In December we completed a transition to a new electronic record.  We have imported your information to the new system.  Please verify each area to be sure we have accurately imported all information.  This includes the Problem List (your list of active medical problems, including active chronic problems and episodes of ear infections as well as strep throats), Surgeries, Hospitalizations, Medications, Allergies, Immunizations and Family History.  

Intake Forms

If you wish to update any information on your Medical History, Family History or Social History, please feel free to fill out and submit these forms.


You may view appointments that are scheduled and upcoming.  In addition you may view alerts that show when appointments are due.   

Labs and Radiology Studies

Most normal lab and radiology studies will be released to our web portal.  You will recieve an email that you have a new result available on the portal.  Please log in to review our interpretation of the results and the actual results.  For example, you will know that your cholesterol is normal, and the cholesterol number (158 for example).  You will also be able to compare the previous result if a repeat is done. 

Billing Questions

Feel free to email any billing inquiries to our billing department.  Brian Koehler and Barbara Miazga will address questions you send in to us.

We hope you will enjoy this new phase of electronic communication.  We feel that it will allow you to be a more effective partner in your care. 

Four Seasons Pediatrics

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