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ALL Flu Vaccines are in!

AT THIS TIME, we are restricting use of Flu Vaccine for those over 3 to the following groups: Those with a chronic medication condition or contraindication to the use of the Flu-Mist vaccine.

Please note flu shots and Flumist for all children have arrived and we are making nurse visit appointments at this time.  Shots are for children with commercial insurance AND VFC*.   Flumist is for children and parents of the practice with commercial insurance.

There will be Nurse Visits every day unless otherwise posted on our website. Same day flu vaccine visits will be offered; as in previous years. We will update our website if we do not have vaccine OR adequate staffing to give flu vaccine. Please visit the section — About Immunizations — found in the “Other Pages” section of our web site. After clicking here, then click on Flu Vaccine Update. There you will find a flu questionnaire. Kindly fill this out BEFORE coming to the office. Please remember that if your child is receiving their first flu vaccine, and he/she is under 9 years; your child will require 2 doses for best protection (minimum 28 days between doses). If we post flu vaccine availability, please call starting at 8:00 am to make a same day visit. For those patients who have physicals scheduled, we will offer Flu Shots and Flumist (if available) during your appointment – please fill out the questionnaire referenced above. There may be a copay related to nursing/administration services (this depends on your insurance).

Screening Questionnaires – If you are coming in for an appointment and anticipate receiving a flu vaccine DURING your visit, please complete the appropriate form and bring it with you.

As in previous years we will offer parents the Flumist as a courtesy. If you are a parent please fill out a vaccine questionnaire and ALSO complete a Parent registration for vaccines (also found on our website).

Summary of Available Influenza Vaccines:

Seasonal flu shots for all ages (VFC and commercial insurance)

Seasonal FluMist for ages 2 and up (VFC and commercial insurance)

Vaccines Not Available at this time:


* VFC is the Vaccine for Children Program and covers those patients with Medicaid, Child Health Plus or with no insurance.

Links to Vaccine Information Statements for Influenza Vaccines can be found on our website.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which vaccine is preferred for my child with Asthma?

The flu shot is the preferred vaccine according to the ACIP (from the CDC). Although the flumist appears to offer better protection for children with asthma, there is ongoing monitoring for how the flumist may trigger asthma (similar to a cold or virus). Upon review of these recommendations, we are generally only recommending the flumist for children with mild asthma, who have not had a significant exacerbation (episode) in the last 12 months. Effectiveness of the flumist for children with asthma have been studied. These studies show that the Flumist is more effective in preventing influenza that the flu shot.

Why can’t I pre-book Flu Vaccine Appointments?

Our office staff have been following a policy we developed many years ago. This policy was developed due to challenges in vaccine supply, demand, variations in delivery, and staffing issues. For many years we scheduled appointments in advance, only to cancel and reschedule appointments. Some patients had appointments rescheduled 2-3 times as supply ran out. There were also times when the entire flu schedule was cancelled as the extra nurse scheduled called in sick. These issues led to our current policy. This policy ensures that we have vaccine on the day you schedule and the staff to administer it. While we recognize that parents have their own challenges in coming in on a same day basis, we feel this is the fairest approach to these issues. Thank you for your understanding. Please note that we DO NOT allow walk in appointments for flu vaccine.

What can I anticipate for the supply of Seasonal Flu Vaccine?

While every year brings challenges, it appears that this years supply will meet our patients needs. While there may be issues outside of our control, we will do our very best to obtain vaccine that meets our patients needs.

Do I need the vaccine this year, if I had last years flu vaccine?

The circulating strains likely to go around differ from last years vaccine. Therefore, we do recommend a dose of this years vaccine as well

What about the number of vaccinations?

Young children < 9 years will require 2 doses of the vaccine if this is your first year for the vaccine, OR you only had one vaccine between 2011 and 2012. The interval between doses is 28 days.


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