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Community Supported Agriculture

Four Seasons Pediatrics supports Community Supported Agriculture (CSA).   Dr. Elmer and Dr. Miller have been members of Denison Farms since 2010.  Click here for information about Denison Farms

There are a lot of reasons to join a CSA and buy a share in a farm’s harvest. Some people join for the amazingly fresh food. Some people enjoy the connection to a specific farm and farmer. Others just want to support their local food system and are looking for a simple one-stop way to do so.  

Fresh Produce: This is by far the number one reason for participating in CSA. Farms give their members the very best of their produce, and many even offer flowers, honey, eggs, and more. Unique varieties are often given to CSA members before others, as well as test types of produce that the farmers is thinking of growing for a larger market. In short, CSA members get the best of the best that a farm has to offer.   Fresh vegetables (3-5 per day) are a key element to reducing your childs chance for obesity.   Today 3 times as many children and adolescents are considered obese compared with 25 years ago.  Vegetables are an essential part of getting back to the basics.

Learn about new produce! You never know what might show up in your box. Well, at most farms you have a fairly good idea because they keep you informed. Still, CSAs have a way of getting people to try new things simply because – wham – there it is in your kitchen!  As pediatricians, we know that a child has to try foods to like them.   When exposed to more variety, you child will try more and get to like more.

Understanding what grows in our area: There is nothing like unpacking a weekly CSA box to get in touch with the seasons – and the weather of each particular season – in our area. Many CSA boxes come with newsletters, which often explain field conditions, why the farm is harvesting something early or late (or, sadly, not at all). It’s a connection to the land and the seasons that is rare for urban and suburban dwellers, and immensely satisfying.

Relationships with Local Farmers: CSA membership involves some relationship to a farm or farmers that one often didn’t have before. There are few farmers left in the U.S., but they are vital for each and every one of us. Knowing a person and their specific situation can be a real connection that allows us to appreciate how we need them and they need our support.

The Road Less Traveled: Food often travels long distances to arrive at our home.  With longer distances, we hear of contamination issues.  While any produce that comes from soil, has a chance of contamination, we feel that local control gives us the lowest risk from food borne transmission of disease.

Join a CSA today.  This is a great time of year to commit to our local farmers.   Denison Farms delivers locally to Clifton Park.  To learn of locations of other CSAs and for more information visit the web site below:

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