Four Seasons Pediatrics

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About Four Seasons Pediatrics

Four Seasons Pediatrics was founded by Dr. Elmer and Dr. Miller. 

Our Mission is to:

  • To provide the best possible medical care for our patients and to build a practice which allows us to provide this care in a comfortable and pleasant setting
  • To treat each patient with dignity, respect, kindness and courtesy and to let him/her know that he/she is valued as a person in this practice
  • To have highly qualified, motivated personnel who are interested in their work and our patients
  • To have a smoothly functioning practice in which every works together in a spirit of harmony and cooperation.  The practice should be efficient, making the best use of every-one’s time without creating an air of hurry and confusion
  • To have a practice which will enable us to meet patient needs, yet allow for continued professional and personal fulfillment

Picking a pediatrician is a difficult job.  You will find that guidance is important in so many areas.   Our providers begin a relationship with first time parents and guide them to grow and mature.  We will not only be your child’s doctor, we will guide you through colic and vomiting, and meet your child’s needs through college.  Almost all the growth in our practice comes from parents who tell others of their experience here.

Our practice has parents who travel from over an hour away.  There are young adults who are sad when they finish college and need to find an adult doctor.  They know what you will learn.  You will quickly sense how we listen carefully to you.  You will see and enjoy how we interact with your child.  You will be delighted at how excited your child is to come to the doctor (and they should be).  You will feel secure in our care in prescribing medicine.

It is all too common for un-necessary medicines to be prescribed.  We will explain why you do not need medicine and not take the shortcut of writing a prescription when home remedies get you through an illness without side effects.  This is as true for antibiotics, as it is for cough and cold medicines.

Here is our commitment:  We will help you stay grounded whether it is colic in infancy, a toddler’s temper tantrums, school age woes, adolescent rebellion or sending your young adult off to college.  We take your trust seriously, respect your concerns as though they are our own, and deliver compassion you will find unparalleled.